Friday, November 23, 2007

"Things sure have changed"

When I was growing up , Thanksgiving was a day that we all dressed up for our Turkey Dinner. Dad, would always have his suit on and my Sisters and I had our new Sunday going to church outfits on. Brother Bob, had a cute little suit with a tie that he just hated to wear. But that is the way it way back then. You dressed for dinner.

Well, when my Grand Daughter came for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, I was surprised at what she was wearing for this blessed day of thanksgiving. Now, she has always made a fashion statement when going out, but this outfit was, out there, if you know what I mean.

What ever happened to all of the good old fashioned traditions? Going to church at midnight on Christmas Eve, singing Christmas Carroll's, dressing for dinner?

Oh well, the Turkey was great and all had a wonderful thanksgiving day. (Except for Tom Turkey, of course!)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"Too soon for the White Stuff"

Hello everyone. I have been away for awhile with my Blog entries. So much going on, and little time to blog. They say when you retire, you can't imagine how you ever worked all day.

Well, today as I woke up, (with Lil' Miss Molly staring at me with her big brown eyes), I looked out my bedroom window and much to my surprise, I saw the White Stuff. Yes, it is now snowing and I just am not prepared for the snow coming so early. We haven't even eaten our turkey dinner yet. I guess we, New Englanders are spoiled with the mild winters we have had lately, but I just am not ready for getting out the shovels, boots, hats and gloves and everything else that comes with the White Stuff. Oh well, going to Florida in February for three weeks will be something to look forward to, for sure.

We have a new addition to the family. He is a 6 month old baby boy. We have named him "Toby"..... Going back a few weeks ago, Hubby and some of his horsepulling buddies drove to Topeka, Indiana to attend a horse auction. I allowed Hubby to go under one condition ( as if I have control over what Hubby does) that he does not come home with another horse. Four is enough in our barn and all we can handle. He assured me that his intentions were just to observe and not purchase any four legged critters. So, when he called me to let me know that he got a great deal on a horse and just had to bid on him, I told him if he did buy another horse, to just keep on truck'n down the highway in a Westerly direction, cause it is not going in this Barn. (Oh, like I really have that authority) When Hubby finally arrived home with just his pickup truck and no horse trailer behind him, I knew that he was just kidding me about buying another horse.(phew!!!) Not true, Toby is a Miniature Horse weighing in at 100 lbs and is 24 inches high and was in a dog kennel in the back of his pickup. Well........ I instantly fell in love with Toby and now we are inseparable. Picture our large Draft Horses, weighing over a ton a piece standing next to Toby at 100 pounds. A picture, for sure.

Well, the snow is beginning to pile up now, so I guess it is time to get the old shovel out and start shoveling. I do love a White Christmas, but a White Thanksgiving???? Yuk! Oh!, Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!