Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Calgon... Take Me Away"

Getting in shape and being healthy is my goal for my 60th Birthday, January 14, 2008. Getting my new lawn mower was a start. I can't actually believed I pushed that old relic for so many years. I have muscles I did not know I had when I finished the lawn. That was a good thing, I am sure.

Hubby, being ill, has put me back in the barn doing all of the chores twice daily and that certainly is giving me muscles I did not know I had. Soaking in a hot bubble bath is what I do now after my chores are complete late in the afternoon. Remember the tv commercial, Calgon, Take Me Away?(perhaps I am dating myself) Well, that is what I do now and just love it. Very relaxing, both physically and mentally. Just fill the tub with hot water and bubbles and relax and enjoy the moment. While in Vermont last month getting some grain for our four legged pets, we past by The Vermont Country Store(www.vermontcountrystore.com) a treasure I have found and will definitely be back.(without Hubby, as his patients to shop is less than tolerable). I came across some aromatherapeutic mineral baths. One was called, "Letting Go", a warming ginger bath. The other was called "Tired Old Ass Soak", a bath for exhaustion. My preference BB is "Letting Go". I purchased both and now soak my Tired Old Ass .

While in California, I went to a water arobics class with Sister Betsy. I just fell in love with the entire workout and have decided to join a water arobics class here at home. I love swimming and I really felt great after the class and what a workout. So I am going to start August 10th and plan to include my progress in my blog. I feel posting my blog with my progress will help me meet my goal.

So follow along with me, give me encouragement and think of me, with my Calgon moments ,soaking my, Tired Old Ass in my bubble baths. BFN

Saturday, July 21, 2007

"Family Reunion's ,Rock"

Getting back home was a very nice feeling after being in California for two weeks. It was good to see Hubby. You don't know how much you appreciate someone until you are away from them for awhile. Now, if I can just talk him into going on that cruise in October. He said, "Josey, do you have any idea how much it would cost to get the horses on that ship.". Scary, but I think he was half serious.

Family reunion was awesome. Everyone enjoyed themselves and behaved, too! Naturally, I picked the hottest day of the year, (108 degrees) to have the reunion at Folsom Lake. It would have been too hot for Grandma to endure the heat, so we went to plan B. Had the reunion at Sister Karen's home in Gold River. Air conditioning really appealed to all of us. Then we went to Natoomis Lake for the rest of the afternoon and just had a blast. Grand kids swam and fed the geese and just had a ball. We took alot of photos and I am sure all of us came away with wonderful memories of our first annual family reunion. The family want our next one to be at Lake Powell, Utah. I think I will work on that for next year. It is a special place, I am told. I was also told by Daughter in law that my Son hated to have his picture taken and also did not like to stand and pose for them, as well. I said "Son, come over here. I was just told you hate picture taking and I want you to know, that is what I do, take pictures." He said, "well Mom, I will give you one year to take all the pictures you want, so you are now on the clock." I guess I had better start going on my picture taking tour.

Son flys into Boston Aug 3rd to visit and see how the other half of the world lives. This should be very interesting. I explained country living and he assured me not to worry, as he lived on a farm once and knows the routine. Hmmm! I wonder if Darrell ever shoveled out a horse stall? We are planning to attend a horse pull, a family BBQ to meet the rest of the Valley's, and then up to Maine for some good old Lobstah. Going to also fit in some home repair projects that Son has graciously agreed to. Should be another picture taking event that Son will have to put up with , as I am on the clock.

It is so weird not to have to get up in the early AM to travel to work. I have to keep pinching myself to see if it is really real. I have a hugh, To Do List on my Frig that will take me well into 2008. Don't think I will miss work a bit. No time to miss work, too busy doing other fun things. Bye, for now!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

"Stormy....... Take Two"

It is a well known fact that I love animals. When I was a kid, I would always pick up the strays in the neighborhood and bring them home because I felt sorry for them. Stormy, on the other hand was just placed on E-Bay and is presently for sale to a good home. Free too! Just kidding of course, but this morning she really tested me.

Now, if you remember back a few blogs ago, I wrote about "Stormy Weather". Stormy promised that she would be a good little doggie after destroying Hubby's choppers, and then the ultimate no no, the steaks. Since that time, Stormy has been a very good little doggie. Nothing really under the ordinary, digging a few holes in the back yard, but normal doggie stuff. Ok, I can certainly deal with that. Now mind you when Hubby brought Stormy home (without my knowledge or consent, mind you) He told me "Not to worry, this was His Dog and he would take care of her and train her to be the perfect dog". I feed the dogs, so guess who they like most and hang out with? Me, of course.

The Sunday morning routine in our house is Hubby gets up early, makes the coffee, goes out to feed the horses and then makes this great breakfast. That has never changed in over 25 years of being together. It is a tradition that was in my home when my Dad would make waffles for breakfast before church on Sundays. Now, like I said. This is routine. Well... this Sunday, Hubby asked if I would get up first and make the coffee. He wanted to sleep in alittle longer. Sure, I said. Why not. I am retired now so I can start doing more of the cooking. So I got up, went down stairs, hung a left, then another left into the kitchen, and said, "Stormyyyyyyyyy!!!!!,
what the heck, (I think I did not say heck, tho) have you been up to". "Get out side now"!!! She got into the rubbish last night and just had a ball for herself. Luckily, paper products only scattered all over the kitchen floor. What a sight to see the first thing in the morning. I am now wondering just why the previous owners of Stormy really gave us this Free Dog. I'll bet Stormy got into just one too many rubbish cans , ate one too many steaks and off she went to a free home.

Well, me being a sucker for animals, I am willing to give her another chance. I had a long talk with her this morning and she again promised not to be bad anymore. Sooo.... we will see.

One thing kinda bothers me and makes me think. Last night, I asked Hubby to go downstairs to get me a cold bottle of water. Now that cold bottle of water is in the refrigerator which is in the kitchen. I now am wondering if this mess that Stormy left was already there when Hubby came down to fetch the water. After all he did break tradition with the breakfast thing. Nooooo! he surely would not have done such a sneaky thing to me. No way, not my Hubby. No! Hmmmmmm??????