Thursday, December 27, 2007

"Happy New Year"

Today is December 27th, 2007. We had a wonderful Christmas and now, this special Day is behind us. We are home and reflecting on the past and the present, and what 2008 has in store for us. ( I, Me and You and our Family).

Today is very stormy. The temperatures plunging into the single digits and the wind is blowing around 25 miles per-hour. We have a blizzard condition with an ice stormy walk way. I cannot even walk to the barn without falling on my A--. (If you know what I mean!) I recommended to Hubby, that we keep the horses in their stall for the day. He agreed. (and the horses agreed!)

Sitting in our comfortable, Lazy Boy Chairs. Our wood stove, soooo! nice and warm. We got a call from our Daughter. She said that her oldest Daughter (KRJ) had gotten into an auto accident, and was taken to a local hospital. Not knowing what the outcome was, Hubby and I immediately got into our 4 wheel truck and headed out.

She is fine. A 19 year, old that refuses to believe that she may have been driving a little too fast for the weather conditions, and she may just have learned a driving lesson or two.

This just made me really think about special things and how really grateful I am for my life and the family I have..

Whatever we believe in. Whatever rituals and holidays we practice and celebrate. Whatever we call our own personal creator, we all share a common dream. And that is....... PEACE ON EARTH! Happy New Year! May your year be very special.

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